Falun Coding Konvention
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November 5-7, 2004
Wonder about anything?
Then don't hestitate to contact us in one way or the other. You can send us E-Mail or chat with us on IRC.

To contact us via E-Mail, please use the following adresses:
    Magnus Hansson (Gizmo/DHS): <gizmo(at)dhs.nu>
    Anders Eriksson (Evil/DHS): <evil(at)dhs.nu>

To find us on IRC, please join #atariswe or #atariscne on IRCNET, nickname gizmo or evl.

If you need to contact us directly, if you've come early to the airport or so, then you can call our cellphone:
    +46-70-6438754 (Anders Eriksson)