Falun Coding Konvention
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November 5-7, 2004
You've found the way to the little homepage about Falun Coding Convention, a computer party arranged by the Dead Hackers Society.

What is it?
Falcon Coding Konvention or FuCK is planned to be a "mini party" for the Swedish Atari-scene with the aim to kick the rather sleeping crews into a little bit of activity, at least for the weekend. Of course, we more than welcome people from outside of sweden as well and other computer platforms too. Just keep in mind this ain't no lame LAN party.

There are none such planned, but work for the dhs.nu online competition will sureley be made and demos will be displayed on bigscreen. With some luck a preview-version of the Atariscene 2003-DVD will be on show as well.

Other stuff
During the party the organisers will arrange pizza/takeaway food deliveries a few times per day as well as the possibility to buy cheap refreshments (soda, beer, coffe). Sleeping at the party is possible and there are plenty of hotels around if prefered. Showers are available in a nearby apartment.
The entrance is totally dependent on the number of visitors we get. The planned figure is about 50 SEK (5 euro). But the more people, the less it will cost.
All in all we hope this will be a enjoyable Atari-weekend as well as a kick in the butt to get things going in terms of creativity.
We'll see you in november, right?